Werkgroep Levenstromingen

een initiatief van Stichting Humanity4all


Het bieden van ondersteuning aan diverse levensstromingen om zodoende het hun makkelijker te maken, hun positieve bijdrage aan de maatschappij naar buiten te kunnen dragen.


Our time is distinguished by wonderful achievements in the fields of scientific understanding and the technical application of those insights. Who would not be cheered by this? But let us not forget that human knowledge and skills alone cannot lead humanity to a happy and dignified life.

Humanity has every reason to place the proclaimers of high moral standards and values above the discoverers of objective truth.

What humanity owes to personalities like Buddha, Moses, and Jesus ranks for me higher than all the achievements of the enquiring and constructive mind.

What these blessed men have given us we must guard and try to keep alive with all our strength if humanity is not to lose its dignity, the security of its existence, and its joy in living.

Written statement (September 1937)

Albert Einstein

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